Is it possible to meet the riders? > More
Where can I get autographs? > More
What is the Pit Party and the paddock? > More
Is parking space available? > More
How much is the ticket price? > More
From what age children can visit the event? > More
Is it allowed to film or take pictures? > More
Where can I get an actual timetable? > More
Where can I get VIP tickets? > More
Is there exhaust smell in the arena? > More
Are there health risks for spectators? > More
How long is the event? > More
When is doors open? > More
Is there a break? > More
Are there enough restrooms? > More
Is there a wardrobe? > More
Are there food and drinks? > More
Can I bring food and drinks with me? > More
Where can I get NIGT of the JUMPs merch? > More
Is there an After Show Party? > More
Is the NIGHT of the JUMPs broadcasted? > More
Are animals allowed? > More
Can I give tickets back or change? > More
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